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Today’s Erica Campbell solo update is here and it’s to cater to your desires. This scene has a double purpose. You see, miss Erica wanted to do something special for you guys as to commemorate her keeping her word and delivering some very hot and sexy scenes every week. And so she asked you guys what you wanted to see her do in this update’s photo shoot. It seems that many of you absolutely loved her scene when she was dressed as a naughty and sexy schoolgirl and so, this time she would get to don on herself that sexy outfit one more time as she would be doing her regular show to tease you as much as she can with her luscious body.


For some extra added naughtiness the sexy woman threw in a lollipop as well as she’d be licking on it while posing around and undressing. Well you know, for that extra sexy and sensual effect. Watch her once more undress and show off her big and round tits to you as she takes the small white shirt off at first. Keep a close lookout on her as she then removes her skirt as well and you won’t want to miss that either. Enjoy her teasing you and posing around all sexy and nude. We would want to also remind you to take a look at her previous scenes as well. If you watched this one you know that you won’t be disappointed in what she offers! Check out the website and enjoy watching another gorgeous babe revealing her perfectly shaped body in front of the video camera.

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